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Essential Safety Supplies for Every Industrial Workplace

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Whether it's manufacturing, logistics, or cold storage, all workplaces need certain equipment and safety supplies. A productive and comfortable environment relies on tools and machinery that are matched to the task and that feel safe to use. Since there is so much to outfit an industrial space with, creating a core list of the essentials eases the process and establishes the foundation for a functional space.

How to Prevent Hand Injuries in the Workplace

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Among industrial safety topics, how to prevent hand injuries in the workplace is a universal priority. Whether a job is performed in a standing, sitting, or mobile position, hands are the primary body part that does the work. Everyone, even employees with seniority, benefits from reviewing hand safety tips and practices.

Ceramic Blade Knives: For Home and Craft Utility

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Most of the information you’ll find when searching around about ceramic blade knives centers on kitchen knives as they’ve become popular due to their upsides and despite some downsides. But there are now many other types of cutting tools that feature a ceramic blade including safety knives, craft knives, hobby cutters, utility knives, and precision cutters.

Warehouse Accidents: Key Prevention Steps

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Even though heavy equipment and machinery, weighty materials, and possibly hazardous substances are part of the job, warehouse accidents don't have to happen. These situations are often preventable and hindsight shows how the accident could have been avoided. An on-site injury at work affects everyone. It interrupts work flow, it may cause site containment or restriction, and a review of protocols and safety policies. Identifying common risks helps you change the way you do things, and it creates a safer environment for all employees.

Prioritize Industrial Safety Topics During Orientations

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It's important to make sure you cover industrial safety topics during employee training sessions and orientations. Beyond talking liabilities and legal regulations, discussing this subject also encourages workers to express their own questions and concerns. It strengthens trust and confidence in the workplace, and it makes everyone more aware of their part in maintaining a hazard-free environment.

Why Classroom Safety Rules Rule!

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Classroom safety rules—not exactly the most exciting school topic. Or is it? While following safety rules may sound more like no fun to your small learners, safety rules for kids in the classroom  create a dynamic that empowers them and results in a more stimulating and cooperative learning environment.

The Best Art Supplies For Kids—What's Missing?

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When hunting for the best art supplies for kids, you’ll regularly see crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, paints, and scissors. But rarely will you see a cutting tool other than scissors included. Yet, cutting materials is key to many crafts for kids. And scissors are not ideal for all cutting situations.

Safety Equipment Suppliers: Ask the Right Questions

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In your field, picking the right personal safety equipment suppliers is crucial. You need to work with health and safety equipment suppliers who understand the importance of protecting your employees and meeting strict OSHA regulations. Arming yourself with the right questions as your guidelines helps you select a safety equipment supplier that you can work with well into the future.

Children's Scissors: Finding a Safe and Effective Pair

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Children’s scissors are a hot topic among parents and teachers alike; children love crafts and it’s a joy to see children expressing themselves creatively. What family doesn’t have a refrigerator covered in delightful kid art? But most such projects involve the use of scissors, and scissors can be dangerous. Even with all the attention on safety these days, there are thousands of scissor injuries—primarily cut fingers—sustained by young children each year. So what to do?

Knife Safety Training: A Life Cycle Approach

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When you think about the tools your employees use, the most common one might be the utility knife. Not only do you see it cutting everything in the workshop, from corrugated to trimming cord, but it's also in nearly every shipping and receiving office. With so many employees using these potentially dangerous tools, knife safety training is essential for every employee on your roster.