Michael Graves : 1934-2015

Michael Graves: 1934-2015

Since Slice first started in 2008, we have had the honor to work with many amazing artists, designers, and architects. Among the most memorable collaborations was a series of meetings back in late 2008 with Michael Graves – easily one of the most influential architects of all time.

Michael Graves

Michael Graves was well known for many landmark architectural projects all over  the world, including the Humana Building in Louisville, the Clos Pegase Winery  in Napa, California, several Disney hotels,  and the Washington Monument  Restoration project in our nation's capital.

Despite this, he may be better known for his design of products for companies  like Alessi (for whom he designed the famous Tea Kettle with the little bird on the  spout) and of course the many products that bear his name at Target. 

Michael Graves was kind enough to use his amazing talents to develop a line of  unique precision tweezers for Slice - hands down the most beautiful and functional tweezers ever manufactured (in our humble opinion), due entirely to Mr. Graves and his team.

In the early 2000's Mr. Graves was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a rare spinal cord infection. His use of a wheelchair turned him into a "reluctant health expert", with an increased awareness of accessible design. He focused his attention on the design of wheelchairs, hospital furnishings, hospitals, and even schools for children with Autism and special needs, including St. Coletta of Greater Washington, D.C.

Our thoughts go out to the team at Michael Graves Design Group and the passing of a legend. You can read more about Michael Graves here.

TJ Scimone
Slice, Inc.