Health and Safety of Employees in the Workplace: Teamwork

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Employers have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace. They set the protocols and make sure the workplace is in compliance with standards.

Industrial Safety Supply Gear: Visitor Safety

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Your workers all receive safety training, and you provide them with appropriate industrial safety supply equipment, but what about your visitors?

Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries in the Workplace

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Preventing hand injuries in the workplace should be a top priority. Lacerations and worse are too common, but also largely avoidable.

Safety Training Topics to Address at Every Toolbox Talk

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One of the most important parts of industrial administration is regularly addressing safety training topics. It's vital that your workforce understands how to handle all tools and machinery, and how to deal with possibly dangerous materials and environmental conditions. Despite regulations, seasoned employees may not consider repetitive toolbox talks necessary. By learning how to make safety presentations with impact, you increase attention and focus, even when you’re revisiting these same must-review topics.

Electrical Maintenance and Precautions

Safety Supply Company Mandates: Women's PPE

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Check any safety supply company website and you’ll likely find a very male-orientated selection. Some websites even feature more male high-visibility jackets than the total number of women’s high-visibility clothing items combined. With a rise in the number of females taking on construction and warehouse work, it is imperative that personal protective equipment (PPE) used by women features female-oriented design.

Top 5 Hazards in the Workplace and How to Handle Them

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When developing a safety risk management plan, it's often easier to investigate the top 5 hazards in the workplace in terms of themes. This streamlines the process and creates a big-picture view for analyzing equipment and tool usage. Whether you reference an online resource such as OSHA's Hazard Identification Training Tool, use a preprinted template, or try your own methods for assessment, create an outline that simplifies review procedures for everyone.

Occupational Health Risks and Mental Health Connections

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Although occupational health risks often refer to on-site hazards that may affect physical safety, it's also important to recognize mental well-being as a considerable influence on workplace health. There are several stressors that can carry over from home life to the job, and they either increase existing worries or create new ones. Open lines of communication, along with therapeutic resources, are key for encouraging workers to discuss their concerns and effectively treat them.

Safety Equipment Supplies: Must Haves

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When it's impossible to completely eliminate risks and hazards from the workplace, safety equipment supplies are a necessity. Safety equipment is a legal requirement, so ensure you take all reasonable steps to keep your workers safe. It's important to choose safety equipment that not only meets requirements, but that is tailored to your specific workplace needs.

A Facility Inspection Checklist: Why Have One?

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The workplace is an ever-changing environment, so it's important to implement regular site inspections, following a comprehensive facility inspection checklist. With new risks and hazards constantly arising, it is vital for business owners and CEOs to ensure they continuously fulfill their obligation to provide their employees with a safe workplace. Regular reviews ensure your workplace remains safe and keeps your safety procedures and items up to date, while also bringing to light new hazards. Make sure you have a well-structured and comprehensive list in place for complete and effective inspections.

Common Hazards in the Workplace Include...

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Common hazards in the workplace include poor housekeeping, unsafe working practices, the failure to use protective equipment, and the incorrect use of tools. By paying proper attention to workplace hazards, together employers and employees can reduce accidents and create a safer environment.

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