Forearm and Upper Arm Strain Injuries: Prevention

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Forearm and upper arm strain injuries can have a long-lasting impact on workers’ well-being and ability to carry out their job. Strains can be caused by a single incident, like an impact or a fall. But many wrist, forearm, and upper arm strain injuries are the result of repetitive stress.

Warehouse Safety Meeting Topics: Focus on Health

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Warehouse safety meeting topics primarily focus on safety issues. That makes sense. But there’s more to safety than learning about rules, PPE, hazards, and procedures.

Reduce Hand Injuries in the Workplace: A Day Without a Hand?

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We discuss hand injuries in the workplace a lot in this blog. That’s because hands are critical for being able to work at your full capacity. Just about every job requires you to use your hands. You also need healthy hands to perform most common daily tasks.

Cutting Foam: How to Make It Easy and Safe

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Cutting foam isn’t a particularly difficult or unsafe process, if you have the correct foam cutting equipment and set-up. This is your one-stop guide on how to make foam cutting easy and safe at work.

Your Hand Safety Presentation: Get Workers Involved

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Your hand safety presentation is a critical part of a complete safety training program. That’s a given. Healthy hands are central to just about any worker’s ability to do their job well. And hand injuries are not only painful, but expensive, both directly and indirectly. Hands are difficult to fix and heal because they are neuromuscularly complex and delicate. The reasons for keeping hands safe go on (and on, and on… but you knew that already).

The Best Tool to Cut Cardboard: How to Choose

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What is the best tool to cut cardboard? Cardboard is a handy, sturdy material that many of us deal with daily (or at least a few times a week) often to cut it up. But ever wondered about the best cardboard cutting tool for your specific needs?

Hand Protection PPE: What to Consider

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Any discussion about hand protection PPE (personal protective equipment) is focused on one topic: gloves. If you were looking for a hand protection PPE definition, the simplest one is “gloves”.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act: A Closer Look

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In the United States, the foundation of modern-day workplace health and safety government oversight is the Occupational Health and Safety Act. (Fun fact: its formal name is actually the Occupational Safety and Health Act, but it’s frequently referred to as the Occupational Health and Safety Act so we use these terms interchangeably.)

Hand Safety Awareness Activities: Teaching Mindfulness

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Safety training time with your team is limited and precious, so you want to make the most of training tasks, like hand safety awareness activities. Focusing on mindfulness is an effective way to address many common hand injury issues because lack of mindfulness is at the root of most, if not all, hand injuries.

Hand Injury Safety Topics: Five Effective Toolbox Talk Ideas

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When you’re teaching workplace hand health, it’s vital to cover a variety of hand injury safety topics. Switching focus keeps workers engaged, and helps your messages stick, while, over time, giving them a deeper understanding of the theme of hand health.

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