Safety Knives for Work: Slice Tools in Action

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Since 2008, Slice has re-examined cutting tool design to create the safest safety knives for work. Our primary focus is on reducing lacerations, one of the most common workplace injuries.

Five Hand Tool Safety Tips for Every Workplace

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Hand tool safety tips are useful in every workplace. Almost every job calls for their use, and healthy hands are necessary for every job.

Workplace Hazards: Three Hidden Dangers to Avoid

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Workplace hazards can sneak up on you, especially those that aren’t obvious, or take time to result in poor health or injury. Since they don’t pose an immediate threat, they’re easy to overlook. It’s important to regularly check on these sneaky dangers.

Safety Moment Topics: Mental and Emotional Well-Being

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Safety moment topics often focus on physical well-being and actions. While this is important; it is equally important to include workplace safety moment topics that focus on mental and emotional well-being. The safest workers are those who are both physically and psychologically healthy. Here’s why.

Box Cutter Safety Infographic

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Our Box Cutter Safety Infographic illustrates the principles of safe cutting. Incorporate its safe cutting techniques into staff training for new hires, or share it as a safety moment to keep everyone focused on best practices for a laceration-free workplace.

Industrial Safety Products: Fashionable, Comfortable PPE

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Manufacturers are continually improving industrial safety products, and this includes PPE (personal protective equipment). Always looking for ways to upgrade workplace safety equipment, safety professionals research new materials and better technology while end-users provide feedback from the field for a practical point of view.

Common Workplace Hazards: Go Holistic to Stay Safe

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A traditional approach to mitigating common workplace hazards often focuses on complying with mandatory regulations and in-house safety protocols that address only physical health.

Safety Songs: Yes, They’re a Thing

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Safety songs? Oh, yes. Workplace safety songs abound, and they can be an effective tool to strengthen your workplace safety culture.

Safety Moment Ideas and Tips

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Last week we discussed what a workplace safety moment is and why it’s effective, and this week we build on the subject, providing safety moment ideas and tips. You learned the what, why, and when; now learn the how.

The Safety Moment: What Is It? Why Do It?

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Creating a safety moment—also called a safety minute, safety brief, or safety chat—on a regular basis is an important element of a comprehensive workplace safety plan. This is a way to reinforce that health and safety are the top priority in your workplace and develop a strong safety culture. As you know, having a strong safety culture has the ability to change everything, for the better.

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