Safety Moment Ideas and Tips

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Last week we discussed what a workplace safety moment is and why it’s effective, and this week we build on the subject, providing safety moment ideas and tips. You learned the what, why, and when; now learn the how.

The Safety Moment: What Is It? Why Do It?

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Creating a safety moment—also called a safety minute, safety brief, or safety chat—on a regular basis is an important element of a comprehensive workplace safety plan. This is a way to reinforce that health and safety are the top priority in your workplace and develop a strong safety culture. As you know, having a strong safety culture has the ability to change everything, for the better.

Industrial Safety in the UK: A Civic Duty?

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In places like the UK, where the medical system is socialized, industrial safety, or lack thereof, doesn’t just impact the injured party and company, but also society as a whole. Literally everyone pays for poor industrial safety and health management. Keeping employees safe could thus be considered an employer’s civic duty.

The Facility Safety Checklist: Win Worker Buy-In

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The facility safety checklist—it’s a critical aspect of a complete workplace safety program. There are many reasons why these checklists are useful.

How to Prevent Cuts: Key Workplace Safety Training

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Addressing how to prevent cuts is a vital part of safety training. Lacerations are one of the most common types of workplace injuries, especially in industrial settings, but also in less hazardous environments like offices. Thankfully, such incidents are largely preventable. Safety training plays an important part.

Industrial Knives and Blades For Many Uses

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Industrial knives and blades are commonly found in warehouse settings, and in homes for craft and utility. It's important to know about blade materials and which cutting tools are suited for the task at hand so you can accomplish your cuts safely and efficiently.

Debunking the Fake News on Ceramic Blades

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As ceramic blades become more popular, more industrial customers are deciding whether to make the switch from metal. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about how ceramics compare to steel. In a recent Martor blog post, we found a number of errors and omissions. We’d like to set the record straight.

Box Cutting Knives: A Primer

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Conveniently sized, lightweight, and portable, box cutting knives are one of the most common cutting tools found in the home or on the job. Many consider the box cutting knife one of the necessities for a perfect toolbox. They're often the go-to for opening packages, slicing up cardboard, and trimming various tough materials.

Slice Celebrates and Participates in Tesla’s Safety Efforts

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Slice congratulates Tesla for its recent successful efforts to improve employee well-being in its Fremont, CA car manufacturing plant.

Health and Safety of Employees in the Workplace: Teamwork

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Employers have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace. They set the protocols and make sure the workplace is in compliance with standards.

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