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The Slice workplace safety blog. Let’s talk safety.

Learn new approaches to old problems with Slice’s workplace safety blog. Do you want to craft effective safety training, motivate staff for compliance, and influence safety equipment decisions? We tackle a wide range of topics for today’s OHS professionals.

Short Safety Talks: Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Presentations

Delivering short safety talks (commonly known as toolbox talks) is crucial for helping teams work safely. But it’s not easy if...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Safety Training, Safety Culture

Where Does Safety Figure in Your Company’s Purchasing Decisions?

You’ve probably heard this sentence before: “Safety is our top priority.” But priorities are always on a list, and lists can...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Warehouse Safety, Safety Culture

Daily Safety Topics: 52 Ideas for Creating a Safer Workplace

Safety (or “toolbox”) talks are a simple way to educate workers and promote better awareness of the risks they face, but even...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Safety Training, Warehouse Safety

Safety in the workplace is a must, but it can also be a tough thing to navigate. Leaders within the space are always looking...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Safety Training, Warehouse Safety

Workplace Safety Posters: Tips to Make Them Effective

Workplace safety posters can be a chore. Most people don’t like to read, which defeats their purpose. Additionally, companies...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Safety Training, Warehouse Safety

How to Build an Effective Safety Equipment List for the Workplace

A safety equipment list is essential to help protect employees in the workplace. But it must be comprehensive enough to...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Safety Tools and Equipment, PPE

Safety Innovations: 4 Industries Where Technology Is Making a Difference

Technology is growing rapidly, and with it, new and advanced safety innovations. From warehouse workers to construction...

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Tags: Warehouse Safety, Workplace Risk, Safety Culture

Promoting Hand Safety at Work: It’s All Hands on Deck

You wouldn’t want your employees to lose a hand at work any more than you’d want them to lose their temper, so if hand safety...

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Tags: Hand Safety, Workplace Risk, PPE

Manufacturing Safety Topics: The Best Ones for Toolbox Talks

There are a frightening number of manufacturing workplace hazards with the potential to cause incidents or injuries that are...

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Tags: Hand Safety, Safety Training, Safety Regulations

Health and Safety Control Measures: Identify and Reduce Risks

A safety manager’s job is to put health and safety control measures in place to minimize risk in the workplace, reduce...

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Tags: Workplace Risk, Safety Regulations, PPE

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