Ceramic Blade Knives: For Home and Craft Utility

Most of the information you’ll find when searching around about ceramic blade knives centers on kitchen knives as they’ve become popular due to their upsides and despite some downsides. But there are now many other types of cutting tools that feature a ceramic blade including safety knives, craft knives, hobby cutters, utility knives, and precision cutters.

Not all ceramic blades are alike, however (hint: there’s only one design that is safer). Read on to find out the best choice of ceramic tools for your home and utility use.

What Are Ceramic Blade Knives?

A high-quality ceramic blade knife, be it a ceramic blade safety knife, ceramic blade utility knife, or ceramic blade craft cutter, is made from advanced ceramics, or zirconium oxide. This material is extremely hard. Only diamonds are harder.

One question that often comes up is how to sharpen ceramic blade knives. When talking about utility or craft knives, Slice® tools are generally designed to have replaceable blades. Slice tools without replaceable blades cannot be sharpened, since their proprietary safety grind is difficult to imitate and most people don’t have a diamond grinding wheel at home . But they are very long lasting (we’ll get to that in a minute), so this ought not to be a concern.

There are several features that all ceramic blades share, regardless of their many different uses:

  • they last longer than metal blades (when made from pure zirconium oxide)
  • they’re lighter than their metal counterparts
  • they don’t rust
  • they’re less porous than their metal counterparts (read: won’t pick up bacteria)
  • they’re nonmagnetic
  • they’re chemically inert

Two not-so-excellent features most ceramic blade knives and cutters share is that they’re still dangerously sharp (like metal blades) and they can shatter.

These major setbacks, however, have been solved by Slice’s proprietary design: the only ceramic blades that are both durable and finger-friendly®. Sound too good to be true? Continue on.  

Slice's Safer and More Durable Alternative

The reason other ceramic blades shatter is because the blade is so sharp, which means there is a good portion of the blade that is extremely thin. Slice’s unique design—the design that makes it resistant to cutting skin—is thicker, and that makes it more durable.

Slice blades also share the favorable attributes of other ceramic blades, including being long-lasting. When tested, Slice knives have been shown to last 11 times longer than metal blades. That’s great value.

Finger Friendly® Equals Family Friendly

One huge concern in the home and in schools is safety as regards young ones. This is especially an issue when making crafts because crafts often require cutting things. And cutting things can lead to lacerations. Slice tools greatly reduce the chances of that happening.

This safer design also makes Slice tools appropriate for seniors, whose motor control may not be as sharp as it used to be, as well as for those who have a condition such as MS or Parkinson’s that creates movement challenges. For the remainder of the population, who wouldn’t want a cutting tool that was far less prone to creating cuts? All said then, Slice tools are great for everyone.

How safe are Slice ceramic blade knives? Many companies have vastly improved their safety records using the tools. In several cases, after switching to Slice tools, companies, such as NBCUniversal, completely eliminated incidents of lacerations.

What Can a Slice Ceramic Blade Knife Do?

Slice tools have numerous structural upsides, but a key question to answer is: Do they work? Second, what materials do they cut? So happy you asked.

Slice tools are effective cutting a wide array of material, from paper to cardboard, leather (yes, leather) to foam core, and even tough gator board. Check it out:



Slice tools are also easy to use. They’re ergonomic and feature good gripping surfaces to prevent slippage. Additionally, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, designed to fit the needs of a wide range of jobs. The Precision Cutter, for example, features a small blade, so it’s perfect for detail work. The Slice Manual Box Cutter works great with cardboard.

For more information about what crafts Slice tools are great for, and the right tools to use, check out “Craft Cutters: The Right Slice Tool for Your Next Project.”

Ceramic blades, with their many benefits, are now out of the kitchen and into craft and tool boxes. Slice is the one and only that has taken design one step further to provide safer, more durable ceramic blade knives.