The Slice® mini box cutter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it features the same blade as our larger box cutters: it’s a mini tool, but not a mini blade. In other words, it’ll get through the same workplace materials as our standard-size box cutters, but it’s easier to carry or store.

Slip it in your pocket or use the magnet in this mini knife to keep it handy on a metallic surface. The body features a lanyard hole if you want to string it around your neck or on a belt.

This cutter’s size also makes it more maneuverable than its larger counterparts, and it’s able to get to places where bigger tools can’t. As such, it performs like a small utility knife.

Safe and Durable

Like the entire line of Slice safety cutting tools, this mini retractable box cutter is built to be a safe, long-lasting tool. Slice ceramic blades are made of 100 percent zirconium oxide, also called advanced ceramics.

This material is extremely hard, and Slice designs its blades to take advantage of this property. Our blades are thicker and feature our patent-pending safety grind. The blade edge is safe to the touch, but effective for typical office and warehouse cutting needs.

Because of our proprietary design, Slice’s finger-friendly® safety ceramics last up to 11 times longer than metal counterparts. This means fewer blade changes. When you change a blade, you’re at a high risk for lacerations, so it’s best to do it less often. When you do have to change a Slice safety blade, know that you won’t need a sharps container if you’re disposing of our rounded-tip blades.

In addition to being safer, Slice blades feature these beneficial properties:

  • Never rust
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-conductive
  • Autoclave friendly
  • Chemically inert

The body of this mini cutter is made of a highly durable ABS. The slider button, which engages the blade, is rubberized for an easy grip. The retraction feature means that the blade safely retreats into the handle if the user drops the tool or otherwise releases the slider button.

This short video covers all of the features of this mighty mini tool and shows it in action:

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Real World Experiences: Industrial Customers and Slice

We can make all the claims we like about how great our products are, but real-world scenarios are the true test. At Slice, we’re always interested to learn about how our tools perform, especially in workplace settings. Workplace safety, tool performance, and durability are our primary concerns.

We have worked with several corporations to conduct case studies. We’re heartened to learn about and share their success stories. Results show that Slice tools are effective in industrial settings and cut down or even eliminate laceration incidents. Such a great track record is also one of the reasons over half of the Fortune 1000 companies use Slice.

The Mini Box Cutter in the Workplace: What Users Say

When it comes to our powerful little cutter, many customers have shared in online posts what they like about the tool and how they use it at work.

In a May 2018 review, Terrance had this to say: “I bought mine from work, Interline/Home Depot. I use it daily, 10–12 hour shifts, 5–6 shifts/week and have had it for approximately 4 months. I have changed the blade 2 times, so far. No issues cutting through tape, plastic wrap, cardboard boxes or packing straps (non-metallic, of course). It cuts very well.”

In another May 2018 review, titled “Durable, easy to use, and safe!” one happy customer notes, “Excellent for opening boxes. Wouldn't go to work without it!”

Customer Ellie also uses the small cutting tool for opening boxes: “Awesome. How great is it when you buy a product and it is great quality and does exactly what it is supposed to? I open a few boxes a week for work and too many from Amazon for myself. This ceramic cutter works perfectly every time. I highly recommend.”

Another feature of Slice box cutters is that the blade exposure is enough get through single- and double-corrugated cardboard, but not enough to damage the contents inside the box.

Gail appreciates this: “This cutter is wonderful. The blade comes out with an easy forward press of the button. It protrudes out of the case at a reasonable but not problematic length. The blade is small, allowing the user to cut into tight spaces. Protecting myself and the contents of my packages are very important and this accomplishes the task well. It has the capability to easily cut the packaging tape up to a heavier duct tape with ease. The size of the entire cutter is small enough to fit in my hand yet large enough not to be easily misplaced.”

Slice customer Dan spells out the many features he likes about this tool in his prolific and decisive review: “Buy this ceramic pocket cutter to open packages, blister packs, etc. and you will wonder how you lived without it. Whenever I get a package . . . this pocket cutter slices through it easily and neatly. . . . I've used this to cut through extremely sharp blister packs, padded envelopes, plastic ties, and lots of other things.

“I like the retractable blade because it extends when you need to cut and then gets out of the way, which is really cool and really safe for whatever it is that you are cutting. . . . Previously, I was using a mini Swiss Army Knife and it did a pretty good job but for the uses I listed above, the pocket cutter is a much better choice. If someone were to permanently borrow this, I can see it ruining my day.

“The cutter actually feels like an extension of my hand, and it is so much safer to use than a box cutter.”

Many other customers note that Slice safety blades aren’t prone to getting gunked up with tape adhesive the way most scissors or metal blade box cutters do. Have you noticed a feature of your Slice cutter that you didn’t expect?

What’s Your Slice Experience?

We always welcome user feedback, and we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s for our tough mini box cutter or one of our other safety tools, please share your Slice experience.