Slice has been bringing joy to safety geeks since 2008. One of the ways we do that is with helpful workplace safety articles in our blog. We're always researching new ideas for blog posts that will help safety professionals reach employee safety goals. To that end, we recently sent out a survey to learn more about your workplace safety challenges. Here's a roundup of interesting things we learned:

1) Some of your toughest goals are psychological.

One of the most challenging aspects of managing safe work practices is changing people's attitudes. This can mean getting support from management, convincing staff to adopt new safety equipment, or fostering a culture where everyone takes responsibility for safety at work.

2) Lots of you work alone, or in a small group.

The majority of you are solely responsible for safety, or have five or fewer safety staff members. Only 13 percent had a safety staff of more than 15 people. So as an EHS specialist, you need to wear many hats and develop a variety of skills to effectively boost employee safety.

3) You trust your fellow safety managers.

When you need to research new safety equipment or find out about industry updates, you trust your fellow safety professionals. You prefer to discuss issues in person and get recommendations, news, and equipment information from your safety colleagues.

4) Injury reduction is your number one goal.

Not surprisingly, you listed injury reduction as your top priority. Whether you're updating equipment or revamping training, your end goal is always to get your staff home safely to their families. Rest assured, we're coming up with a host of new workplace safety article ideas to help you out.

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