The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 1.5 million non-fatal occupational injuries in the private industrial sector last year. All of these required days away from work, job restrictions or transfers. Ouch. In addition, there were more than 4,400 fatal occupational injuries. Safer work practices help employee safety and the bottom line. It pays to be informed. The Internet is a vast ocean of knowledge, but helpful, well-researched workplace safety articles can be elusive. We’ve rounded up 16 top internet resources for safety in the workplace; enjoy, and keep safe.

1) Occupational Health and Safety Magazine Blog

OHandS magazine has won several awards for workplace safety articles and its corresponding website contains a wealth of information on safety at work. The OHandS blog posts new articles several times a week that span a variety of topics, from office safety to training programs.

2) National Safety Council Blog

The National Safety Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and on the road. The council accomplishes this through leadership, research, education, and advocacy. Their blog is a great resource with plenty of workplace safety articles and information about training programs.

3) OnSafety

The official blog of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), OnSafety provides access to the latest safety information. Look for discussions on product safety concerns and announcements on recalls that may affect both workers and consumers alike.

4) EHS Today

EHS Today's safety section is a one-stop shop for information related to occupational safety. Whether you need to know the latest news and up-to-date workplace safety best practices, workplace hazard risk management advice, or safety industry trends, EHS Today will keep you informed.


Created by the US Congress in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA works to ensure that working conditions are up to safety standards. For first-hand information on all things OSHA, browse their official website. As a bonus, the OSHA Law Blog specializes in legal matters pertaining to workplace safety. This website provides excellent analysis and insight by lawyers practicing in the health and safety field.

6) Safety Risk

What started out as a collection of traditional safety facts transformed into a great resource with a plethora of insights and inspiration. At Safety Risk, you’ll find information on the social psychology of risk, as well as new safety paradigms in the ever-evolving debate of safety and calculated risk.

7) Managing OSHA

The prestigious law firm, Arent Fox, created this blog to provide “critical but practical advice when OSHA comes knocking.” Contributors consist of three lawyers specializing in occupational health and safety, including Mark Dreux, who was named one of EHS Today’s 50 most influential leaders. Managing OSHA breaks down complicated issues into easily digestible information, followed by clear instructions on how to proceed. For anyone stuck in an OSHA gray area, this blog will help demystify your legal obligations.

8) Manufacturing.Net

As a leading source for manufacturing and product development with our Safety Box Cutters and Safety Knifes, we couldn’t forget Manufacturing.Net’s expert blog. The topics cover everything from safety to strategy; this is absolutely a subscription-worthy blog.

9) Safety and Health Magazine

As the official magazine of the National Safety Council Congress and Expo, Safety and Health Magazine provides comprehensive coverage of occupational safety news. Subscribers can access in-depth analysis of industry trends, as well as useful information on how to prevent injuries and deaths at work and at home.

10) Simplified Safety

A specialized blog that provides data and resources on fall protection, arrest systems and safe working resources. Simplified Safety is a must-visit for companies and workers whose job involves the risk of falling.

11) OSH.Net

Operated by a team of licensed professionals from different sectors of the health and safety industry, this blog takes occupational health and safety seriously. With reliable information and credible industry knowledge, is a valuable resources for anyone interested in safe work practices.

12) Plant Engineering Magazine

Published by CFE Media (Content For Engineers), Plant Engineering Magazine offers a wide variety of print and online articles that cover topics such as manufacturing safety, methods to improve your plant's training strategy and the art of motion control.

13) Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine

Safety videos, webinars and interesting articles populate COS Magazine’s website. Industry experts share valuable knowledge and write about important occupational safety topics. COS is also the organizer of the "Canada's Safest Employers Awards".

14) Safety Daily Advisor BLR

Business and Legal Resources (BLR) helps U.S. businesses simplify compliance with state and federal legal requirements. In the Safety Daily Advisor, they write about a wide range of topics, publish interesting research and videos regarding workplace safety, and offer free online advice.

15) Industrial Safety and Hygiene News

Industrial Safety and Hygiene News publishes new thought leadership essays by workplace safety experts. ensures you won't miss a thing, as industry professionals address hot issues and answer your most important questions. They also have great resources available for purchase, such as the Basic Safety Administration Handbook and The Safety Professionals Handbook.

16) Health and Safety at Work

Finally, a noteworthy mention for Health and Safety at Work, a great resource for everything about staying safe at work. A subscription gets you access to over 5,000 articles, a monthly magazine delivery, and breaking health and safety news, updated throughout the day.

Whether you are a business owner, an employee or a safety manager, safe work practices are a top priority. Use these Internet resources, as well as Slice articles such as Safety in the Workplace: How to Reduce Hazards, to stay informed. Staying up-to-date with the latest news and workplace safety improvements is essential to creating a healthy — and safe — working environment.

Bonus Resources!

The Hierarchy of Hazards, by Creative Safety Supply. This comprehensive guide explains comon hazards and their relationships to each other.  The result is an insightful method for analyzing and mitigating workplace safety hazards.

And, of course, our very own Slice Blog. Subscribe to our blog so you'll never miss great articles such as Safety at Work: Ten Effective Personal Strategies.