When we think of safety scissors we most often think of scissors for kids, but what about safety scissors for adults or industrial safety scissors? A quick search for “safety scissors for adults” doesn’t turn up much other than more kids’ scissors. But grown-ups need to stay safe, too. Lacerations and punctures are some of the most common workplace injuries and scissors are common culprits.

Using safer adult scissors will help reduce injuries. And safer tools are especially necessary for working adults whose fine motor skills are impaired, such as those with autism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or Down syndrome. Thinking bigger picture, every safety effort you make at work will contribute to lowering your total reportable incident rate (TRIR).

What Are Safety Scissors?

Safety scissors, whether for kids or adults, should have these features:

  • Finger-friendly safety blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy-grip handles
  • Short blades

The only scissors that meet all of these high standards are Slice ceramic scissors.

The Only Safety Blades

No other cutting tools feature Slice’s patent-pending blade grind, which is safe to the touch.

Other manufacturers typically address blade edge safety by creating dull metal or plastic blade edges. These are almost exclusively aimed at the children’s market. Unfortunately, these tools are notorious for underperforming, or not cutting at all. This makes finding a safe and effective pair of children’s scissors challenging.

Slice safety blades also have these beneficial features:

  • Never rust
  • Non-corrosive
  • Oil, lubricant, maintenance free
  • Non-magnetic

Designed for Comfort, Easy to Use

All Slice tools are ergonomic, which means they’ll fit comfortably in your hand, making them as easy as possible to use. The soft inner ring lining on the finger holes create a comfortable grip. These features help reduce hand and forearm fatigue, as well as slippage.

The short blade design makes them easy to use and maneuverable.

Four Designs: All Effective, Durable, and High-Quality

Slice offers four models of office or industrial safety scissors. They’re great for home use, too. Three models are ceramic scissors, and the other is all metal. The latter model doesn’t feature the safety blade edge, but because it has no plastic parts, it can be sanitized.

A similarity all Slice scissors share is effectiveness. Do you need to cut paper, card stock, or vinyl sheets? No problem. Copper wire? Slice scissors cut that, too. See how our ceramic scissors even get through notoriously tough Kevlar fabric:

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Are you wondering if Slice scissors will work on a material you regularly need to cut? Please let us know and we’ll be happy to buy a sample and test it out.

All Slice ceramic-blade scissors feature handles made of a durable but lightweight glass-filled nylon. This, combined with our long-lasting blades, means they’ll perform well over the long haul. They’re also BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free. And all Slice ceramic scissors are ambidextrous, so lefties rejoice! These are great left handed scissors for adults.

Each ceramic scissor design addresses different needs.

Slice’s small scissors feature blunt tips and smaller finger holes. These scissors offer the ultimate in safe, but effective, scissoring. They are excellent for kids or adults with smaller hands.

The Slice large scissors are great for larger hands. This tool features all of the same upsides of our small ceramic scissors, but can accommodate a four-finger, one-thumb grip.

large scissors. jpeg

The Slice pointed scissors complete our selection. This tool is for cutting that requires a puncturing motion to start the cut, as opposed to starting at an edge. The finger holes are slightly larger than those on the small scissors, and fit most adult hands.

pointed scissors

Safer Scissors for All Your Needs

Scissors are used in so many situations: office, industry, and home. But like any cutting tool, they can be a laceration hazard. The concept of safety scissors has largely been concentrated on the children’s market. But what about adults? Especially adults who whose fine motor skills are challenged.

Everyone needs safer cutting tools. Slice provides them with effective safety scissors for adults.