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The Slice workplace safety blog. Let’s talk safety.

Learn new approaches to old problems with Slice’s workplace safety blog. Do you want to craft effective safety training, motivate staff for compliance, and influence safety equipment decisions? We tackle a wide range of topics for today’s OHS professionals.

Use Scratch Art Tools to Create Striking Portraits

With the correct board and scratch art tools, you can produce a unique portrait. It's easy to learn how to etch scratchboards,...

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A Scrapbook Paper Cutter: Slice® Makes Crafting More Fun

Scrapbookers know that to pursue the craft, you must have at least one scrapbook paper cutter. But, like any tool, craft cutters...

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Tags: Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Craft Tools

What is a Craft Knife? Elements to Consider

It’s a tool every crafter needs, but what is a craft knife? This general term can refer to various all-purpose cutting tools....

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Tags: Craft Tools

A Scratchboard Knife Creates Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Art

It's amazing to see how a simple scratchboard knife can create striking imagery on a blank board. Scratchboard has its origins in...

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Tags: Scratchboard Art

Ceramic Blade Knives: For Home and Craft Utility

Most of the information you’ll find when searching around about ceramic blade knives centers on kitchen knives as they’ve become...

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Tags: Household

Why Classroom Safety Rules Rule!

Classroom safety rules—not exactly the most exciting school topic. Or is it? While following safety rules may sound more like no...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Slice at School

The Best Art Supplies For Kids—What's Missing?

When hunting for the best art supplies for kids, you’ll regularly see crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, paints, and...

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Tags: Crafting With Kids, Slice at School

Children's Scissors: Finding a Safe and Effective Pair

Children’s scissors are a hot topic among parents and teachers alike; children love crafts and it’s a joy to see children...

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Tags: Safety Tips, Crafting With Kids, Slice at School,

The Coupon Cutter's BFF: The iSlice Safety Cutter

Couponing is big business, and coupon cutters save couponers time and reduce the risk of injury. According to PR Newswire, seven...

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Tags: Household

Visual Artist Creates Street Art Stencils With Slice Precision Cutter

Little Rebels, © Kelly Manning 2016 (aerosol and stencils)

"I have a lot of work cut out for me," jokes Kelly Manning, a...

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Tags: Stencils

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