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The Coupon Cutter's BFF: The iSlice Safety Cutter

By Team Slice

The Coupon Cutter's BFF: The iSlice Safety Cutter

Couponing is big business, and coupon cutters save couponers time and reduce the risk of injury. According to PR Newswire, seven out of 10 couponers use print coupons like those that come from newspaper inserts and mailers. When you're dealing with so much paper, clipping coupons efficiently and safely can become tedious and maybe even take longer than it's worth. To make the most of your time and energy, you need a coupon cutter that's ergonomic and protects you from cuts at the same time. Enter the Slice Safety Cutter with micro-ceramic blade. These nifty little coupon cutters have an ergonomic shape and give you crisp precision to help you power through your next cost-savings adventure.

Why Speed and Safety Matter When You're Clipping Coupons

The average grocery bill for a family of four in the United States runs anywhere from $146 to $289 per week. On the surface, then, saving $60 on your trip to the store seems worth whatever effort it takes. Time is money, though, and coupon clipping traditionally takes quite a lot of time, which adds up to a significant amount of money. If it takes you, say, six hours to cut out and sort those $60 worth of coupons, you've basically earned $10 an hour to do that couponing. So, the faster and more accurately you clip, the more money you earn for your efforts.



Sitting with your hands in scissors for hours isn't the easiest sensation to tolerate, either. Your chances of getting distracted and cutting the wrong thing—or worse, yourself—grows as time passes. Slice's coupon cutter tool, on the other hand, protects your hand from cramping and pinching. Its barely-exposed ceramic blade stays sharp for a long time, and its finger friendly™ blade is safer than steel and never rusts. Hold it flush against the page you're cutting. It glides along the paper with a precise cut and minimal blade exposure.

iSlice Helps You Catch Every Deal

Unlike your utility scissors, Slice coupon cutters make it easy to get to the exact coupons you want without cutting across the whole page. This is especially helpful on newspaper circulars, where designers cram coupons on both sides of the page. You won't have to choose which deals you want more when you can carve out your coupons without disturbing the rest of the page. It's easier to see than to explain. Watch our coupon cutter gadget at work.



Thanks to the unique design of the cutter and blade, you can clip only what you want from the page. Equally importantly, you always get the line exactly where you want it, so you avoid accidentally chopping through the ever-valuable bar codes or expiration dates that must be intact so grocers give you the discounts you want.

So Much More Than a Coupon Cutter

Of course, iSlice is more than the best coupon cutter gadget around. It's handy for everything from tricky packaging to paper crafts. Because it's magnetic and has a key ring hole, it stays on your fridge or toolbox as easily as it does your key ring. There are many other ways to use the Slice safety cutter with micro-ceraminc blade around your home or office. Here's a reminder of the top features of this handy little safety cutter:

  • Ergonomic shape for comfortable use
  • Micro-ceramic blade delivers safe cutting and doesn't easily cut delicate skin
  • Finger-friendly blade retains its sharpness, on average, 11 times longer than steel
  • Rubberized, non-slip finish for optimal grip and control
  • Magnetic body and key ring hole provide easy storage methods
  • Ambidextrous design for optimal versatility
  • The chemically inert blade never rusts 




When you're taking advantage of coupons to save your family money and time, accuracy and safety are crucial to your success. Use Slice's unbeatable coupon cutter to handle all those challenges and get back to enjoying your family.



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