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Safe Enough For An 8th Grader

By TJ Scimone

 Safe Enough For An 8th Grader

A big THANK YOU to Rohan - an 8th grader from HighTechHigh in San Diego -- for sharing this amazing artwork he created with the Slice, Inc. Precision Cutter.

"We are studying paper cutting and stencil making and I have taken my Slice precision cutter in to work on my pieces. My friends and I love this cutter and one of my friends borrows mine when I am not using it." -- Rohan

The Slice Precision Cutter is an incredibly SAFE alternative to dangerous craft-style blades - featuring a patented Slice micro-ceramic blade.

What can u do with Slice Precision Cutters?  Contact Slice today to remove dangerous metal blades from your locations.  

Tags: Crafting With Kids, Slice at School

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