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Scrapbookers know that to pursue the craft, you must have at least one scrapbook paper cutter. But, like any tool, craft cutters aren’t perfect. There’s always room to improve, even on what is often considered the standard and best paper cutter for scrapbooking: the utility or craft knife.

Slice looked at what was on the market and improved on the available paper cutters for crafts, keeping with tradition only when it made sense.

Finger-Friendly® Technology

When researching, “what is the best paper cutter?”, many scrapbook paper cutter reviews tout sharpness above all others. Over-sharpening is critical for out-of-the-box metal blades because they dull quickly, and over-sharpening has become the standard for most ceramic blades, as well, simply because it’s what people have come to expect.

Certainly a safer blade is also at the top of any scrapbooker’s wish list. With most reviews highlighting sharpness, the next thing often mentioned is to be careful not to get cut by your really sharp blade!

Slice blades are made of 100% zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic material. This allows for our innovative blade grind: Slice’s patent-pending design that creates a finger-friendly edge. Put another way, Slice tools are much safer to touch than standard blades, but still cut your craft materials effectively.

Nicks and cuts on the skin are all too common for crafters. Why? First off, they hurt! They also put your crafting on hold while healing, and can be expensive, with stitches costing hundreds of dollars in urgent care or ER bills. Slice blades help alleviate that worry. Although it’s possible to cut yourself with a Slice blade, you really have to try to break the skin.

Another upside to finger-friendliness is that it makes Slice tools an appropriate choice for children, older adults, and those with motor control problems. As an example, Slice Ceramic Scissors are a great alternative to typical metal kids’ safety scissors, which, many people note, don’t cut particularly well.

Slice’s Long-Lasting Blades

Metal blades dull quickly, especially if you cut thick or dense material. This gets costly and adds one more safety concern: frequent blade changes. Every situation where you handle a traditional blade is one in which you risk lacerations. There is the added hassle that used blades, whether you’re using them at home or in the workplace, need to be disposed of in sharps containers, which themselves require special treatment.

Slice blades

Slice’s blade design results in a blade that is much more wear resistant than metal and lasts over 11 times longer (we know; we tested it!) This means added value and less time fussing around with blade changes. Bonus: used Slice blades can be disposed of with your regular trash or recycled where facilities exist.

Thoughtful Design for Your Scrapbook Paper Cutter

Slice has made the extra effort to create tools that are designed to handle and work well. This results in less hand and forearm fatigue, and greater control. 

First up, the Precision Cutter. This tool’s pen-like shape and grip means that cutting is as familiar as writing or drawing; it’s that easy to use. The handle’s surface is comfortable to hold and gives you added no-slip control.

scrapbook paper cutter

Another unique member of the Slice family is the Safety Cutter. This little mouse–shaped number fits nicely in the hand and its surface is also easy to grip.

Looking to a more familiar tool, Slice’s Craft Knife is weighted for stability and control and features a no-roll design to keep it handy. The grip is textured so slipping isn’t a concern.

craft knife for paper

Featuring the same conventional craft blade options as the Craft Knife is the Precision Knife, with an ergonomic handle designed for excellent control. The user’s index finger fits through the handle’s ring, which is lined with a firm grip surface. This profile provides excellent crafting control.

A Variety of Tools to Fit Your Needs

Slice features a range of cutting tools. For paper crafters, an immediate go-to is the Precision Cutter. Its micro-ceramic blade and pen-like control make it an excellent choice for detail work.

The micro-ceramic blade Safety Cutter provides another alternative for slicing through thinner materials like paper; it works particularly well for straight lines or long curves. It’s also a handy everyday tool; coupon cutters love it! Featuring a small hole in the body of the tool, it’s easy to attach to a keychain for use on the go.

Slice’s Craft Knife, Manual Utility Knife, and Manual Pen Cutter are excellent all-purpose cutters. Check out the entire Slice line to find the best scrapbook paper cutter for your needs.

They Cut Well

But do they work? Short answer: Yes. Many crafters have found that Slice scrapbooking paper cutting tools are their favorite.

Here, creative professional Tracy Moreau demonstrates the Craft Knife blade (Slice now offers a Craft Knife handle for this blade, for better control and comfort) and the Precision Cutter:



Watch how easily Slice cutters deal with delicate materials such as crêpe paper:

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These are just two examples of what Slice tools can do. We frequently receive feedback from crafters and art teachers informing us that the tools perform well on a wide variety of materials as intended: with ease and comfort. The safety aspect is always a crowd pleaser.

Now You Know

For many scrapbookers and other crafters, your hunt involves finding the best tools on the market. Slice gives you options that are safer, last longer, are easier and more comfortable to use than standard cutters, with enough variety to meet your niche cutting needs. The only question now is, which Slice tool will you choose as your next scrapbook paper cutter?